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I think I typically have a shopaholic related story accompanying most of the items in my closet and since I hate to disappoint, here’s the story on this awesome skirt I am currently in love with!

I saw this skirt at the Lenox LOFT store in Atlanta and immediately fell in love with the earthy tones and its embodiment of fall! But of course they didn’t have my size. :( Actually, the sizing was weird! The 0 was too small and the 2 was too big, bummer! Why does this always happen?! So I walked out of the store depressed of course and hoping to find it online. Pulled up the LOFT website on my phone while avoiding being run over in the mall, looked online and decided I needed to actually try it on. The very next day I find myself in another LOFT store thanks to my addiction, I found it in a 2P (short girl problems) and it was my size!! Gosh you should have seen the dance I did! LOL! YASSS! Let the heavy rotation of this skirt begin! My tip on this skirt: go one size up!

Here, I paired it with my trusty turtleneck, OTK Boots and olive green coat I bought during a mega sale at Zara last year.

Tell me fellow shopaholics, what lengths have you gone to in your search for a piece you convince yourself you can’t live without?

I am wearing:

Skirt: LOFT

Turtleneck: Asos

OTK Boots: Nordstrom (still on sale, grab your pair now!)

Coat: mine’s last season but, love thislove this, and love this

Thank you all so much for reading!

Bisous! xx

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